All children are expected to wear the school colours of navy blue and green. We politely ask and expect parents to support our academy policy on school uniform. Most of our uniform can be purchased from the school uniform retailer of your choice, however the items with the academy logo and the tie can currently only be purchased from Brigade. All Bearsted Primary Academy uniform supplied by Brigade can be bought online. 

Some second hand uniforms items may be available for sale. For further information, please contact the academy directly.

Please note that as of September 2023 (details below), there will be change to the Bearsted Primary Academy uniform in line with the principles outlined within the DfE statutory guidance on cost of school uniforms (19 November 2021).


On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our academy. Parents are respectfully requested to support this requirement to prevent loss and/or injury. Small earring studs may be worn in pierced ears, but these must be removed for physical activity (PE, swimming etc). We ask that the children remove these studs themselves, prior to the lesson. If ears have been newly pierced they can be covered with micropore tape (to be provided by the parent) to prevent injury. If children are unable to cover them themselves then parents must do this in the morning before coming to school. Once the piercings have healed (no more than 10 weeks), earrings must be removed for all physical activity. We please ask that if your child has had their ears pierced, that you inform the office so we are aware that these will be covered. 

We like our children to be of smart appearance. Unnaturally coloured hair or shaved heads or patterns shaved into the hair are not suitable for school as this can draw attention to a child in an unhelpful way. Long hair should be tied back for reasons of hygiene and safety. We also ask that bows and large hair bands are not worn in school and that any bands or clips are that of the academy colours. 

Children are discouraged from bringing money or valuables to school other than when requested by the school. Where this is unavoidable, money and valuables should never be left in cloakrooms but given to the class teacher for safekeeping until the end of the day.

  • Please ensure ALL clothing and property is clearly marked so that lost articles may be easily traced and returned to their owner.
  • The academy cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of pupils’ property and valuables. 

Bearsted Primary Academy Uniform

Day to Day uniform
  • Navy blue school trousers 
  • Navy blue skirt 
  • Navy blue pinafore dress 
  • Navy round neck sweatshirt with academy logo 
  • Navy sweatshirt cardigan with academy logo 
  • White polo shirt 
  • Emerald green polo shirt 
  • Navy blue pinafore dress 
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Green and white check summer dress 
  • Black, navy blue or white socks (no leggings) 
  • Black, navy blue or white tights (no leggings) 
  • Black school shoes (no ankle boots) that are robust and waterproof for daily wear. On days of bad weather and PE days, boots can be worn into the school and school shoes or PE trainers can be brought in to change into. 
  • PE T-Shirt in the designated house colour (not a light or dark shade of the colour – with or without logo). This is the basis of the kit and must be worn for every PE lesson. 
  • Navy blue PE shorts (not lycra, sweatshirt, leggings, skorts or long shorts)This is the basis of the kit and must be worn for every PE lesson. 
  • Plain navy blue joggers – These are to be worn over the PE shorts (so the joggers can be removed by the child as required) when the weather is potentially cold or inclement. 
  • Plain navy blue sweatshirt – This is to be worn over the PE T-Shirt (so the sweatshirt can be removed by the child as required) when the weather is potentially cold or inclement. 
  • Trainers that are sturdy and support the feet for PE (no plimsolls). Appropriate outdoor footwear must be worn on days of inclement weather and trainers changed into once in the academy.
  • Warm, waterproof coat for cold and inclement weather.
  • Hat, scarf and gloves for cold weather. 
  • Academy book bag with logo or small bag to transfer reading book (no large bags or backpacks – we do not have the storage space for them)
  • Drinking bottle for water accessible throughout the day.