If a child is ill and has a temperature above 37.5 they are to stay off school until well. Parents must phone the school before 8:30am to inform us why a child is absent so a record can be made and all children are accounted for. To contact reception, please call 01622 250040. If we have not received a call to explain absence a phone call home will be made. If a child has diarrhoea and/or vomiting then they must remain off school for at least 48 hours to minimise spread and make a full recovery. If they are displaying any Covid symptoms they must remain off school and self isolate until they have been tested. If the test comes back positive they will have to self isolate for 14 days, if it comes back negative they are allowed straight back to school.

If a child is unwell in school we will contact parents immediately to inform them and see if they can be picked up if needed. If they display signs of Covid in school the child will be quarantined with an adult wearing full PPE until their parent or carer is able to collect them. Parents of that class will then be notified of the case if it comes back positive.

Ideally we would like to keep our children in school as much as possible so as long as children are well enough and parents are happy to do so, we encourage our children to come in at all times and, if need be, Calpol or something similar can be administered if permission and guidance from the parent has been given.