• Plain white polo shirt.
  • Little Bears navy jumper/cardigan or a plain navy jumper/cardigan. 
  • Navy blue joggers/Navy blue leggings (No denim).
  • Black, navy or grey velcro fastening trainers or shoes that are appropriate for climbing and playing in a busy nursery. (No laces).
  • A named coat.
  • A named water bottle – Please no juice/squash.
  • A named nursery bag – please put in plenty of spare clothes should your child get messy or wet during the day.
  • A named lunchbox should they be having a packed lunch.
  • Wellie boots to stay in Nursery
  • All in one weather suit
  • Navy Blue shorts
  • Green gingham dress
  • A named sun hat
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Please no scarves
Two young Nursery girls are pictured working with cooking utensils to mix a cake mixture. They are outdoors in a play area on the academy grounds.
Three young boys from Nursery are pictured using the Interactive Board in their classroom to assist their learning.
A young boy can be seen smiling brightly whilst wearing his winter coat in an outdoor area on the academy grounds.