We believe in having a positive relationship with our families and therefore aim for our parents to be:  

  • Valued and respected  
  • Kept informed  
  • Consulted 
  • Involved
  • Included  

How we support and encourage parent participation

Little Bears recognises parents/carers as the first and most important educators of their children. The staff’s role in Little Bears is to work in partnership with parents to provide a high level of care and education for all children.  We have many ways to encourage parent and practitioner partnerships, such as:  

  • Exchanging knowledge about their children’s needs, activities, interests and progress with the staff  
  • Sharing their own interests  
  • Learning and embracing different cultures  
  • Holding regular meetings to discuss their child’s development   
  • Having a ‘Home Journal’ as a way in which to communicate between nursery and home 
  • Sending home half termly newsletters 
  • Sharing ‘Wow Moments’ from home
  • Staff providing a friendly face at the beginning and end of sessions 

Embracing individual family identities

As a setting that likes to embrace diversity and individuality, we also encourage parents to attend the nursery to share personal knowledge and experiences. This could include showing objects, items of clothing to the children, cooking and explaining cultural celebrations.  

Safeguarding Children  

We have a duty of care to protect all children from suspected or actual ‘significant harm.’ 

Our employment practises ensure children are only in contact with staff that have full enhanced DBS checks carried out to reduce the likelihood of abuse in the setting.  

This way of working with children and their parents/carers ensures we are aware of any problems that may emerge and can offer support, including referrals or sign-posting to relevant services when necessary.  As part of this policy, mobile phones are not allowed to be used in the setting, by staff or visitors, we ask that you respect this.